Captain is a special disinfectant designed specifically for use in aquaculture to prevent water borne bacterial, fungal & viral diseases. It acts synergistically to keep the harmful micro organisms at bay and helps in achieving better and quality yield.

Captain 5 lt front JUL 21

Composition: Mixture of first generation & fourth generation quaternary ammonium compounds along with Glutaraldehyde.


  • ·The mixture of first generation and fourth generation quaternary ammonium compounds lyses the cell membrane of pathogen.
  • Aldehyde component of the Captain then enters into the pathogen through lysed membrane and neuters the pathogen.
  • Captain is a broad spectrum disinfectant owing to its combined formula and acts against bacteria (both Gram positive & Gram negative), fungi and virus(both enveloped & non enveloped)
  • Captain maintains the pond ecosystem clean by inhibiting the growth of harmful & disease causing micro organisms

Dosage: 300 ml - 1lit per acre depending on DOC & stocking density or as advised by aquaculture consultant (For exact dosage, kindly refer the pack)

Mode of application: Mix the desired quantity in water and spread the mixture evenly on the pond.