Germfree 2

Germfree2 is a buffered and stable form of Iodophor. It helps in maintaining the clean ecosystem by eliminating the harmful and disease causing micro organisms. Thus Germfree helps in better survival & growth.

GERMFREE 2 5 lt front 15 15 JUL 2021

Composition: Nonyl alkyl phenoxypoly Ethylene Oxide Iodine complex providing available Iodine of 2%


  • This complex form of Iodine is stabilized with emulsifiers and causes the controlled release of Iodine which helps in reducing the organic load.
  • Iodine compound present in Germfree helps in eliminating bacteria, virus and fungi by oxidizing the proteins, nucleotides and fatty acids in the cell.
  • Germfree has a broad spectrum antimicrobial action and acts against both Gram+ve and Gram-ve bacteria like Vibrio sps. Germfree is effective against a wide range of enveloped and non enveloped viruses. It is effective in breaking fungal biofilms too.

Dosage: 500 ml to 1 lit per acre or as advised by aquaculture consultant

Mode of application: Mix the desired quantity in water and spread the mixture evenly on the pond.