Fenoflow is the blend of Rhodococcus, Rhodobacter and Thiobacillus stabilised in liquid form for better water miscibility. This blend helps in desulphurization of the pond and also helps in removal of sludge at the pond bottom.


Composition: Fenoflow contains Rhodococcus, Rhodobacter and Thiobacillus at a concentration of 10 billion cfu/10 ml


  • Fenoflow utilizes and reduces the Ammonia and Hydrogen sulphide present in the pond.
  • Fenoflow increases the dissolved oxygen (DO) level in pond.
  • Fenoflow digests the complex organic substances and lipids.
  • Fenoflow enhances the beneficial bacteria growth.
  • Fenoflow prevents the occurrence of diseases.
  • Fenolfow helps in biodegrading the sludge.

Dosage: Fenoflow has to be applied between 2 - 5 lt / acre depending on the stocking density, days of culture and pond conditions or as suggested by the aquaculture consultant.

Mode of application: Mix the desired quantity in water and spread the mixture evenly on the pond.

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