Fenolife is a probiotic and enzymatic feed supplement for prawn and fish feed. Regular usage of Fenolife improves feed conversion ratio (FCR), increases weight gain and prevents infections. The bacterial strains helps in synthesis of Vitamin B complex and enhances immunity by competitive exclusion

Fenolife (3)

Composition: A blend of 4 strains of Bacillus sps and 6 types of enzymes.

Bacterial count: 4 billion CFU/gm


  • Improves feed utilization and increases FCR (feed conversion ratio).
  • Enhances gastrointestinal health by balancing gut microfolora.
  • Produces materials like Acidolin, Acidophilin, Bacitracin and Lactin in the intestine of prawn, shrimp and fish which inhibits the growth of microorganisms like Vibrio sps and other pathogens.
  • Helps in digestion of various carbohydrates, fats and proteins by producing digestive enzymes like lipase, protease and amylase etc.,
  • Synthesizes B-complex vitamins like biotin, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Nicotinic acid, vitamin B-12 and also vitamin K which are absorbed by the host for body requirements.
  • Ensures fast growth and thus improves yield and quality.
  • Reduces disease incidence and mortality rate.



Prawns & shrimp: 10 gm/Kg of feed.

Fish: 5 gm/Kg of feed or as recommended by aquaculture consultant.

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