Gasblock is a mixture of bacterial strains from Bacillus sps. Ammonia is the most common problem in intensive shrimp culture and fish culture. Ammonia in lower levels slows down the growth and in higher levels have toxic effect on the organisms. Bacillus sps in Gasblock act in synergy on the Nitrogen cycle in the pond and helps in reduction of Ammonia and other obnoxious gases. .


Composition: Bacillus sps not less than 5 billion CFU / gm


  • Gasblock helps in the breakdown of organic matter in the bottom of pond.
  • It helps in reduction of Ammonia and other obnoxious gases.
  • It acts on Nitrogen cycle and helps in preventing the formation of toxic gases.
  • It acts on the bottom of the pond by degrading the organic material and helps in keeping the bottom clean. Thus it reduces the COD and helps in increase of the DO in pond.
  • Gasblock increases the survival by reducing Ammonia in pond and helps in good weight gain.

Dosage: 750 grams per acre or as advised by aquaculture consultant

Mode of application: Mix the desired quantity in water and spread the mixture evenly on the pond.